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a strong surface current flowing outwards from a shore


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Demetriades said that the breakwaters at the area in question should have been already in place, but that their construction was proven difficult due to the rip currents but also because any works made had to also take into account environmental concerns.
On June 18, Bernard and Roisin Cahill were driving home when they saw two people swimming towards a dangerous rip current.
Over the weekend the rip currents were already threatening the lives of swimmers off the Jersey Shore.
The three incidents at Three Cliffs Bay all happened when the tide was going out and with a swell running, which makes rip currents more likely.
They also used GPS drifters to "track the rip currents to better understand what drives rip dynamics," explains University of Southampton Ph.
While shark attacks and tsunamis do well at the box office, they don't hold a candle to rip currents when it comes to beach hazards.
Corralejo residents said the stretch of water was notorious for its strong rip currents which had previously swept paddlers off their feet.
Senior RNLI lifeguard Eve Jones said rip currents "can drag even the strongest swimmers out of their depth".
Subsequent chapters describe the latest scientific research on the causes and effects of various types of coastal and marine hazards and disasters, including tsunamis, storm surges, sea-level rise, storm-induced morphology changes, rip currents, sea ice, tropical cyclones, stresses on coral reef systems, threats to marsh resources, and harmful algal blooms.
The coastline near Bambrough Castle has been the scene of two serious incidents caused by powerful rip currents
Lifeguards in Bulgaria's sea resorts warn tourists to beware of the rip currents that appeared on Monday, reports bTV.
Swimming is generally safe (stay near the lifeguard towers), but the beach does have rip currents, and waves can break hard near shore.
alone, rip currents kill more than 100 people each year, reports the U.
Sharjah Police said those who insist on swimming in the sea should pay heed to warnings about which stretches are dangerous -- for instance, beaches with rocks or rip currents.