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a strong surface current flowing outwards from a shore


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For more information |about Respect the Water and tips on how to stay safe and avoid dangers such as rip currents, please visit: www.
THREE surfers were killed yesterday after being caught in a rip current off one of Britain's most popular surfing beaches.
Crews established the four were on holiday in the area from Sheffield and had been caught by a rip current and carried out into deeper colder water, which was described as quite choppy.
The deadly stretch of coast -- with its rip currents and high waves -- runs for about five kilometres from Chlorokas to Kissonerga in a popular tourist area.
Most swimmers drown fighting rip currents that are said to be characteristic of Black Sea coasts.
David Jones, watch manager at Swansea Coastguard, said: "It's not yet clear if all these incidents are related to rip currents, but our advice is simple.
Kusz said rip currents can be hard for inexperienced beach goers to spot, but they may appear as dark, choppy water.
He treats the safety issues of the West Bank with the same clear-headed, sensible approach of any hiking guide that provides simple precautions for bears or rip currents.
RNLI lifeguards are trained to respond to various incidents that can arise on our beaches - from rescuing people caught in rip currents, dealing with major first aid incidences until the paramedics arrive, searching for a missing child to minor first aid incidents that could be enough to ruin someone's day.
Watch for dangerous waves and signs of rip currents.
They were caught up in rip currents shortly after midday on Sunday, the South African Press Association (Sapa) said.
Warnings of dangerous rip currents and high surf along the eastern shores have also been issued to the South Florida residents.
Already dangerous with sustained winds of 135 miles per hour, Earl is expected to gain more strength before potentially brushing the US East Coast this week and bringing deadly rip currents.
His fellowship-funded project includes a study of how and where rip currents are formed and how they change, which has ready implications for public safety as well as for defense interests, such as deploying troops from amphibious vehicles.
The incidents happened on Wednesday when there was a 3ft to 4ft swell and strong rip currents.