riot act

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a vigorous reprimand

a former English law requiring mobs to disperse after a magistrate reads the law to them

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By the late 1700s, riot act was also being used more generally for any stern warning or reprimand, especially in the phrase read the riot act.
Last night, it was revealed the Home Office had agreed to cover 100% of the Riot Act claims from businesses and residents and 85% (pounds 1.
Addressing a recalled House of Commons, the Prime Minister said "anyone whose houses or businesses have been damaged can claim compensation under the riot act even if they are uninsured.
I stared at the gallons of dirty, soapy water in the drum, then I stomped upstairs and read everybody the riot act before I got busy fixing the machine.
Val and Pollard read the riot act to a sheepish Amy.
The year nine pupils at Honley High School were some of the first to take part in re-enactments by theatre group The Riot Act.
The pair are understood to have been read the riot act by Pompey boss Paul Hart, who immediately sent them home after the incident.
I HAVE been reading the riot act to my daughter about the new report on the danger of sunbeds.
This author's excellent comprehensive study reestablishes that connection, firmly grounding the Riot Act in the rambunctious history of riot in eighteenth-century England.
If there are difficulties we will read the riot act to them, but I am not aware of any draft riot acts sitting on my desk currently.
I suspect that they were read the riot act because they barely giggled at the first few humorous anecdotes I related.
There was no point reading the riot act afterwards.
I SEE from The Journal (November 6) that Freddie Shepherd planned to read the Riot Act to Newcastle's players.
My boss, the CEO, read me the riot act about my "sneaky" behavior and my undermining of the potential sale.
66 million under the Riot Act after their business was looted and torched