Rio de Janeiro

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the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil

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During downtime, guests of the Rio de Janeiro hotel can relax at the Mirante Health Club.
Baku and Rio de Janeiro, are known as one of the world cultural heritage centres and are visited by the thousands of tourists every year.
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are currently rolling out pilot programs that use the Nissan LEAF as part of the cities' taxi fleets.
htm) Rio Carnival 2013: Topless Femen Activists Protest at Rio de Janeiro International Airport against Sex Tourism [PHOTOS]
This species is endemic to southeastern Brazil and now ir is know from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo States, from disjunct populations along the Atlantic rain forest.
musica: desalios e perspectivas para o crescimento do Rio de Janeiro e da industra da musica independente national.
As of 12 November, TAM will launch a second daily flight between Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.
RIO DE JANEIRO - Technician testing the quality of alcohol fuel (ethanol) produced at the Santa Cruz refinery in Campos dos Goytacazes state of Rio de Janeiro in southern Brazil.
VarigLog, the former freight and logistics arm of Varig, has until Wednesday to finalize its offer for the beleaguered airline, a Rio de Janeiro bankruptcy court said yesterday, according to press reports.
In 1956 Dalal Achcar founded the Ballet Association of Rio de Janeiro, which hosted guest stars like Nureyev, Bujones, Makarova, and Fonteyn.
The first clinical manifestations of the outbreak began in April of 2004 and were mainly restricted to the city of Rio de Janeiro.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there is currently no children's art museum.
Six Taiwan tourists died Wednesday evening in a bus accident on a road linking Rio de Janeiro to the mountainous city of Petropolis, police said early Thursday.
Over the past five years, the number of AIDS-related deaths has plummeted in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the regions most deeply affected.
Paulo Sergio, described by the police as a man who specializes in robbing foreign tourists, allegedly killed Minato Kawaguchi, a professor at the University of Fukui, while trying to rob him in downtown Rio de Janeiro.