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The county continues struggling to fix major problems with key equipment at the Rio Bravo Water Treatment Plant, a $12 million facility partly funded by the state that opened in 2006.
8220;We believe this transaction will enable us to grow our business and further position Rio Bravo to take advantage of the historic Mexico Energy Reform.
1) Instituto Nacional Investigaciones Forestales Agricolas y Pecuarias (INIFAP), Centro de Investigation Regional Noreste (CIRNE), Campo Experimental Rio Bravo, Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Independientemente de si la frontera entre Mexico y Estados Unidos esta delineada por el Rio Bravo o por una linea arbitraria en el desierto, la barrera fisica no es para nada infranqueable.
Mexico's water delivery system near the Rio Bravo wastes about 40% of what it delivers, according to Carlos M.
Bordeaux reported that the company will soon introduce a new specialty beer under the Rio Bravo name.
At Old Tucson movie studios in Arizona, maintenance crews lovingly tend to the national champion Jerusalem-thorn (Parkinsonia aculeata), which has starred opposite such luminaries as John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Emilio Estevez, Steve Martin, and Clint Eastwood in movies ranging from Rio Bravo and Winchester 73 to Young Guns and Three Amigos.
In one of the poorest sections of Rio Bravo - a large, new city of squatters near Brownsville, Texas in the lower valley of the Rio Grande - live Maria and her family (right).
Rio Bravo Fresno (biomass) in Fresno, in which Exelon owned a 12 MW share;
In Rio Bravo and El Cenizo, two former colonias on the Texas border, residents have spent decades fighting for basic services, including safe, reliable drinking water.
About Rio Grande LNG, LLC / Rio Bravo Pipeline Company, LLC Rio Grande LNG is a multi-billion dollar land-based LNG export project proposed for the Brownsville Ship Channel, located on the Texas Gulf Coast near Brownsville, Texas.
Tamaulipas state security spokeswoman Ivon Melendez said Monday that nine suspected criminals were killed after attacking state police in the border town of Rio Bravo on Saturday afternoon.
The RGLNG project includes the 130 mile Rio Bravo Pipeline project to connect the LNG terminal with the Agua Dulce natural gas market hub.
The runner-up that day, Beth's Boy, never raced again while third-placed Rio Bravo turned into a smart three-time points winner.
SINGER Johnny Gold tops the bill tomorrow at the Rio Bravo Country and Western Club at the Coventry Railwaymen's Club, Spon End Coventry.