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a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

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The ringroad will fit in very nicely with their ideas.
The number of projects presented to, and financed by, the Saudi Development Fund was 7 tenders reaching an estimated cost of BD 35,029,500 (Thirty-five million, and twenty-nine thousands and five-hundred Bahraini dinars) including two tenders pertaining to the roads sector namely: phase one of construction of the Muharraq ringroad Street project, the second intersection project on the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue and the road linking between Roundabout 13 and Roundabout 18 in Hamad Town in addition to 5 tenders related to the buildings sector namely the construction of Hamad Town Intermediate School for Boys, al-Busaiteen Intermediate School for Girls, Isa Town Primary School for Boys, al-Malikya Primary and Intermediate School for Girls and al-Hunainiya Secondary School for Boys.
We recognise that there are major challenges, especially in the city centre, which caters well for motorists, but we need significant improvements for pedestrians, and cyclists where although the concrete collar of the ringroad has been broken, significant obstacles exist to easy movement.
Likewise, the Maoists are preparing to picket the Valley Ringroad later today as per the party's plan.
My daughter was at Oxford and I was so fed up of sitting on the ringroad because of roadworks, with a car load of student stuff, I had Ruth desperately held up there to rack up the tension - and people said, 'This is so accurate'.
The Rt Hon Barbara Castle, MP, looking her usual immaculate self (although one feels there was always a slight touch of the Hilda Ogdens about her appearance) opening the Chester Inner Ringroad during an April shower in 1966, when she was Minister for Transport in the Labour government of Harold Wilson (who was Huyton MP) Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE .
Projects facing delays because of the cash crunch include the King Faisal Highway upgrade, Mina Salman junction upgrade, Alba Roundabout/Nuwaidrat upgrade, Juffair Ringroad, Muharraq Ringroad, Northern Manama Causeway (to the planned Northern Town), the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway Interchange and the approach road to Al Salam Resort.
Confined within the "peripherique" ringroad, the city of Paris has just over two million inhabitants, compared with about 7.
This ringroad should be urgently enlarged and rehabilitated; nevertheless, an outer Bucharest bypass should be built as soon as possible for the heavy transit traffic.
After hours of negotiation with the watertight security, and a brief stroll round the town's outer ringroad, I finally get in to the grounds to see the ceremony that will mark the end of an era for the military in the Midlands.
The site lies north of the city centre just within the northern ringroad on Bayreutherstrasse, the north-east radial arm of the city's original spider's web pattern.
Still major problems on the A thirty four northbound, between the M four and junction thirteen of the M four and the Oxford ringroad.
Another initiative by the Shanghai government is to "green up" 20 percent of the city situated within the limits of the outer ringroad.
1 A537 Macclesfield to Buxton, 496 serious or fatal accidents, no star 2 A534 Welsh border to Nantwich, 273 , no star 3 A533 Runcorn to the A56, 247 , no star 4 A682 M65 J13 to Long Preston, 242 , no star 5 A54 Congleton to Buxton, 202, * 6 A56 A533 to Warrington 172, * 7 A530 Middlewich to Northwich, 168, * 8 A533 Runcorn ringroad east, 167, * 9 A56 M56 J7 to Lymm, 158, * 10 A34 Congleton to A537 Monks Heat, 155, *