Ringer's solution

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an aqueous solution containing the chlorides of sodium and potassium and calcium that is isotonic to animal tissues

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This structure was then immersed in a glass beaker with Ringer's solution and de-nucleated under vacuum conditions.
To construct the calibration graph Ringer's solution containing 0.
The sample holder was perfused with basic Ringer's solution with constant oxygen supply.
Semen processing and storage: The modified ringer's solution was used as base medium for extension and storage of semen.
In other words, resuscitation with Ringer's solution played a crucial role in treating septic shock and alleviating tissue perfusion.
Parturients were preloaded with 500ml of lactated Ringer's solution over a period of 30 minutes and thereafter fluid infusion was maintained at the rate of 2-3ml/kg per hour.
The results demonstrated a greater than 30-percent decrease in amyloid beta (Abeta) plaques in the brain of transgenic animals treated with Stemedica itMSCs compared to the control group that were treated with lactated Ringer's solution (LRS).
Soltan's doctor also mentioned that he had refused to take a glucose solution, instead only taking Ringer's solution, an intravenous saline solution.
The popular method of getting signals to hop over that gap right now uses a solution of salts called Ringer's solution that mimics body fluids.
Ringer's solution contained saline, with combinations of potassium, calcium and lactate.
She was preloaded with one litre of lactated Ringer's solution and premedicated with intravenous ranitidine and metoclopramide.
Louis, MO) was freshly prepared in Ringer's solution (containing 13 g HEPES, 25.