heterocyclic compound

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a compound containing a heterocyclic ring

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It also offers the advantage of a meshed structure, instead of the ring structure employed in older systems.
After processing, a black line is visible at the proper position, but this is a processing artifact that shows as "ringing" throughout the ring structure.
The system's typology is configured in that the use of underwater signal repeaters is largely eliminated due to the ring structure, making ARCOS cost competitive and highly reliable.
Increasing the power makes the halo harder to see, even while clarifying the bright nebula's dual internal ring structure.
It took about 20 steps and many years of work to end up with the correct ring structure.
The mineralization generally is found near the margins of and adjacent to an ancient eruptive volcanic center whose location is defined by a strongly developed ring structure as indicated in Figure 1.
Even from earth there have been subtle hints of possible additional details in the ring structure, and at Saturn, the thin "ringlets" revealed by Voyagers 1 and 2 turned out to number in the thousands.
All RadioRing products use RadioTel's innovative ADM (Add and Drop Multiplexer) for full support of the ring structure topology.
On a very good night I was able to detect the brightest portions of PuWe 1's ring structure using the Atlanta Astronomy Club's 20-inch f/4.
The network's ring structure is a key component of its reliability.
I was able to detect a small stellar core and hints of ring structure using a 20-inch telescope.
Our group introduced similar non-planar ring structure into polyurethanes, and proved that with high content of non-planar ring structures, polyurethanes displayed excellent toughness, especially the shape recoverability [10, 11].