heterocyclic compound

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a compound containing a heterocyclic ring

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The C2 binding site is not altered whether the sugar molecule is in a ring structure or straight chain.
Lignin possesses excellent thermal behavior due to the aromatic ring structure and many polar bonds.
The other two holes, (79 and 81) located on the western side of the ring structure in the Sofia Zone, tested for extensions of known mineralization closer to the surface.
It should be understood that the tetrapyrrole unit is a highly conjugated, nearly planar macrocycle with 22 delocalized bonding [pi]-electrons, obeying the well-known Huckel's 4n+2 rule (where n is an integer number) for stability or aromaticity of ring structure.
They provide a full account of that structure and behavior, as well as much of what is known about non-projective finitely generated modules, injective modules, and the ring structure that underlies all of this.
Structural changes include a new high-stiffness frame structure with enlarged side rail section width, redesigned connecting structures between each cross-member and side rails, an integrated rear hitch member, improved stiffness of the cabin mounting points and a special rear body ring structure around the tailgate.
The Vichada structure is located in the southern region of the Vichada Department, Colombia (4[degrees]30'N -69[degrees]15'W), having a multiple ring structure with inner and outer ring diameters of 30 km and 50 km, respectively (figure 1).
Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University reported a new method, described in the journal Science, which uses a tiny ring structure called a plasmid to deliver genes into mouse cells and turn them into stem cells.
7) The altered ring structure can cause the trachea to become less flexible, and often can cause the lumen diameter to be decreased.
The antibiotic turned out to be a type of molecule called an aminoglycoside, composed of peculiar sugars, one of which has a ring structure that has not been seen before.
FtsZ is the earliest known protein to move to the cell division site, where the protein polymerizes and forms a dynamic ring structure, the Z ring.
A gasket encompasses the area where the polycarbonate dome and trim ring structure attaches to the body, covering the additional security screws that fasten the enclosure.
Lead like compounds as compared to drug like structures will have on average 1 less ring structure, 2 fewer rotatable bonds, 1 less H-bond acceptor, and be 0.
Activation Token As explained in Section 2, this model implements a distributed node activation scheme which must run efficiently over a ring structure.
And most famously, the chemist Auguste Kekule realised benzene had a ring structure after dreaming of a spinning snake biting its own tail.