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United States humorist and writer of satirical short stories (1885-1933)

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Yardley, Jonathan, Ring: A Biography of Ring Lardner, New York: Random House, 1977, 26.
The names are among Chicago's great journalists: Ring Lardner.
She does an adequate job of pointing out how modern shifts toward "mass force" and the alienation of the individual modify previous notions about the relationship between violence and emerging masculine identity, but her work here would have profited from a more thorough look at the important writers in the collection: Ring Lardner, Thomas Wolfe, Dashiell Hammett, H.
The Illinois Kinsella recommended Earl Obenshain of Decatur, who was hired as TSN editor after Ring Lardner quit that job in 1911.
The real Ring Lardner was a Hollywood screenwriter who worked on the original Richard Greene series.
For example, in his intro to "MASH," Rothman notes that scripter Ring Lardner Jr.
In Hollywood, writers and actors like Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner Jr.
The book tries to hagiographize Thomas, an anomic writer of little renown, beforehand, into death's equivalent of Ring Lardner, the famed sportswriter, or H.
They include the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), who summoned "victims" to name friends and co-workers who shared Communist sympathies and/or party membership; the film moguls who capitulated to HUAC pressure and blacklisted "honest idealists"; the liberals who turned their backs while the said outrage took place; and the ex-Communist "friendly witnesses" who testified before HUAC about their experiences in the Party, "betraying" Party colleagues such as Edward Dmytryk, Lewis Milestone, Bertolt Brecht, Howard Koch, Ring Lardner Jr, John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo who found themselves out of work and, in some cases, in jail.
For example, "Hurry Kane" by Ring Lardner gives readers a taste of baseball's early years, in the Victorian era.
When rumors began circulating about a World Series fix, it was not much of a surprise to many journalists closely associated with the game, especially Chicago writers Hugh Fullerton and Ring Lardner.
In 1981 the Washington Post book critic, Ring Lardner biographer, and fellow Menckenphile Jonathan Yardley contracted to write a life of Mencken, only to bail five years later.
Scott Fitzgerald, Willa Gather, Ring Lardner, and Sherwood Anderson on the map of letters.
It has got two masterpieces by Updike in it, three by P G Wodehouse (yes, The Clicking of Cuthbert is one of them); Bernard Darwin's in it and so are Ring Lardner and Paul Gallico and did anyone ever read The Phantom Card by John Kendrick Bangs?
His book is a further amplification of the point Ring Lardner Jr.