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the legal right to sue

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the loss of the material right of action concerning a principal subjective right affects also the accessories subjective rights if the law does not provide were otherwise (6);
contained a private right of action for aggrieved employees.
That is, Congress agreed that Dodd-Frank would require the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study to analyze the impact of creating a private right of action for aiding and abetting securities laws violations.
The appeals court vacated a district court's approval of the settlement and held there is no private right of action under Section 304--the SEC owns the right to the claim, and it follows that liability under the statute can't be negotiated away in a private agreement.
Legislation creating a new private right of action leads to more lawsuits, which are expensive to defend regardless of the outcome.
In their arguments, airlines maintain that, because the right of action under the statute is expressly delegated to the Secretary of Transportation and the Department of Justice, private parties have no implicit right of action under the statute and, therefore, no disability claim under the ACAA can stand.
Rather than a private right of action, it speaks of "enhanced enforcement options" for parents and "other concerned parties.
First Unum argued that the state legislature's failure to amend ITPA to allow a private right of action indicated that it would not want to allow a RICO suit under these circumstances.
If the victim makes a police report and notifies the credit-reporting agency, the victim has a defense against any legal action taken and even gains a right of action against any company that issues credit without checking the fraud alert,'' Herrera wrote.
To stop this problem, Congress provided a private right of action giving legal relief to junk fax recipients, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.
The United States Supreme Court determined whether the plaintiff 's private right of action, implied by Title IX, included claims of retaliation.
9514 GIANARIS Creates a private right of action for improper debt collection procedures; allows plaintiffs to recover punitive damages and reasonable attorneys' fees.
Further, all employees and independent contractors have a right of action against the employer.
New Jersey's bill differs from the CAN-SPAM Act, however, in that it includes a private right of action, which allows individuals to take disputes to court.
The legislation is enforced through a private right of action for employees who are discharged or not retained in violation of the Act.