Rift Valley fever

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an infection common in Africa caused by a bunyavirus

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Immunogenicity of an inactivated Rift Valley fever vaccine in humans: a 12-year experience.
Outbreak of Rift Valley fever affecting veterinarians and farmers in South Africa, 2008.
The Meat Board will also supply financing for the compiling of dossiers for the International Animal Health Organisation to declare Namibia free from rinderpest (small stock), lung sickness (cattle), Rift Valley fever, brucellosis and tuberculosis.
Aedes caspius, the Rift Valley Fever vector in Saudi Arabia (Balkhy and Memish, 2003; Madani et al.
2008), filaria (Hawking 1973), malaria (Warrel, 1993; Abdoon and Alsharani, 2003), and Rift Valley Fever (Jupp et al.
In the past 20 years, the region has witnessed a marked increase in the number of outbreaks and pandemics caused by emerging and re-emerging diseases, such as Alkhurma haemorrhagic fever, chikungunya, cholera, dengue, A/H5N1 influenza, pandemic A/H1N1 (2009) and Rift Valley fever, among others.
12 ( ANI ): A new protein has been identified that has broad virus-fighting properties which potentially could be used as a weapon against deadly human pathogenic viruses like HIV, Ebola, Rift Valley Fever, Nipah and others designated "priority pathogens.
The new global study mapping human-animal diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and Rift Valley fever finds that an 'unlucky' 13 zoonoses are responsible for 2.
The study also looked at epidemic zoonoses, which typically occur as outbreaks - such as anthrax and Rift Valley fever - and at the relatively rarer emerging zoonoses like bird flu.
For animals, Rift Valley fever, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), and East Coast fever are examples of diseases that require continued international alliances in order to deal with global threats to livestock, to food security, and possibly to human health.
There were concerns regarding a possible outbreak of Rift Valley Fever, a livestock disease that killed 26 people and 8,500 animals in the country last year.
The list includes bird flu, tuberculosis, Ebola, cholera, babesiosis, parasites, Lyme disease, plague, Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness, yellow fever and red tides (algal blooms).
Rift Valley fever is an excellent example of a disease that would require little effort to deliver to the United States, and could have devastating effects on the nation's public health and livestock industry.
Since 2001 up to now, Saudi authorities request a certificate that Yemen is free of rift valley fever before they will even consider Yemeni sheep imports.