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United States writer whose work is concerned with the oppression of African Americans (1908-1960)


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Wang Zuyou: We know that you and Richard Wright's daughter, Julia Wright, were among the founders of the Richard Wright Circle in 1990, an organization dedicated to the study of Wright's life and work.
Into this existential vortex stepped Richard Wright, who articulated the anguish, suffering, anger, desperation, and resentment that gnawed at the lived experience of black people.
Pictures: Tim Easthope Award-winner: Artist Richard Wright with his work.
jpg" alt="British artist Richard Wright poses beside his piece 'No Title' after winning the 2009 Turner Arts Prize at the Tate Britain gallery in central London December 7, 2009.
Kristine Susan DeZarn and Scott Richard Wright, both of Eugene, were married Aug.
Keane kept his players back in the dressing room after a match that would have been a landslide had it not been for a superb performance from former England keeper Richard Wright, which included a second-half penalty save from Luke Moore.
There has been a growing number of edited collections on Richard Wright scholarship in recent decades.
THE ABOVE QUOTE from Richard Wright appeared on the website and the program schedule for the Richard Wright Centennial Conference at the American University of Paris; and to a large extent, it represents the content and thematic intersections that converged at this historic event.
And in honour of Richard Wright, who died Last week, the show will incorporate a complete performance of Dark Side of the Moon.
Richard Wright, a founder member of Pink Floyd, died yesterday at the age of 65 after battling cancer, his spokesman said.
PINK Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright died yesterday after battling cancer.
Native Son by Richard Wright is arguably a sociological crime novel.
Winners of the Zora Neale Hurston/ Richard Wright Foundation's Legacy Awards will be announced at a ceremony on November 3 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.
In an interview Wright put the matter this way: "[s]ome may escape the general plight and grow up, but it is a matter of luck and I think it should be a matter of plan" ("How Richard Wright Looks at Black Boy 65).