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English paleontologist (son of Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey) who continued the work of his parents

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Africa" tells the story of Richard Leakey who made headlines in 1989 when he burned 12 tonnes of ivory in Nairobi National Park to curb its poaching.
I met the great anthropologist Richard Leakey after hearing his talk about a recent find at Fort Jesus in Mombasa.
Dr Richard Leakey, head of Africa charity Wildlife Direct, called the find "exciting".
She joined her parents, paleoanthropologists Meave and Richard Leakey, at the Turkana Basin research site in East Africa when she was just 2 weeks old.
According to Richard Leakey, the famous archaeologist who served as head of the Kenya Wildlife Service, "Our dry months are longer, they're hotter and the dessication of the land in dry weather is worse.
Actress Sharon Stone and wildlife conservationist Richard Leakey will be honored.
Wildlife Wars by Richard Leakey and Virginnia Morell (Macmillan, pounds 20)
In terms of the range of interests, I must say that Dara presents us with an impressive range - from composer Harry Partch to linguist/political activist Noam Chomsky, from archeologist Richard Leakey to photographer Eadweard Muybridge, among many others.
5 million-year-old hominid, or human-like creature, was discovered in Kenya by Alan Walker of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Richard Leakey of the National Museaums of Kenya in Nairobi and their colleagues (SN: 8/16/86, p.
The Turkana Basin Institute is a privately funded, non-profit initiative founded by Richard Leakey and Stony Brook University, with a primary research focus on human prehistory and related earth and natural science studies.
RICHARD LEAKEY is a world-renowned paleoanthropologist whose career has been marked by famous scientific finds, political office, and conservation efforts.
If Furadan is not safe enough for use in America, then it is not safe enough for us in Africa, says the world-renowned conservationist Richard Leakey.
Dr Richard Leakey, former head of the Kenyan wildlife service, said he wanted to raise millions of pounds for The Great Apes Survival Project (Grasp).
Meanwhile, an American charity has offered to buy South Africa's stockpile and burn it, evidence that Kenya's renowned wildlife crusader, Richard Leakey, could be right when he says countries don't have to sell their ivory in order to raise money for conservation causes.
Richard Leakey (the former embattled director of Kenya's national park system).