Richard Coeur de Lion

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son of Henry II and King of England from 1189 to 1199

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During the summer of 1598, Chettle worked on nine projects, six of which were collaborations and paid for in full: "2 Earl Godwin," "The Funeral of Richard Coeur de Lion," "2 Black Bateman," "Brute," "Hot Anger Soon Cold," and "Chance Medley.
Although no entry claims to be payment in full for "The Funeral of Richard Coeur de Lion," scholars consider it an addition to the cluster of Robin Hood plays illustrated by the Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntingdon and Death of Robert Earl of Huntingdon (completed in the winter of 1597/8).
If both plays rearrange history around Arthur, both also add a major character almost entirely without historical basis: the Bastard Faulconbridge, illegitimate son of Richard Coeur de Lion.
To these must be added a number of romances concerned specifically with the deeds of English heroes, such as Havelock the Dane and Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lion-hearted), and a number of other romances, such as Sir Orfeo and Floire et Blancheflor, that belong to no particular cycle.
He is the hero of the anonymous metrical romance Richard Coeur de Lion (c1300) and is prominent in Sir Walter Scott's historical novels The Betrothed, The Talisman, and Ivanhoe.
Saladin lectured English King Richard Coeur de Lion that Jerusalem "is holy to us as well as to you, and more so, seeing it is the scene of our Prophet's journey, and the place where our people must assemble at the Last Day.
Perhaps this scene is a structural masterstroke by someone responsible for the "remarkable inventiveness" behind the Bastard himself--although for all his supposed resemblance to Richard Coeur de Lion, the Bastard cuts a lifeless figure in this scene.