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an organelle in the cytoplasm of a living cell

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Differences in promoter and ribosome binding site regions of mcr-1 in plasmids from Escherichia coli in Australia (indicated by arrows) and in other sequences available from GenBank.
Most important is the sequence (UGGUGGU) complementary to ribosome binding site (RBS) of mRNA.
Because of these differences in ribosome binding site between STR and AMK/KAN, different drug-conferring mutations are associated with these two drug groups.
Other elements include a selectable marker for selection of plant cells comprising a plastid expressing the marker and DNA regions of homology to the genome of the plastid and optionally a ribosome binding site joined to the promoter.
Primers (200ug/ml) were designed flanking the c1 gene and contained a ribosome binding site upstream of the c1 gene start codon (Figure 3).