Rhus aromatica

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sweet-scented sumac of eastern America having ternate leaves and yellowish-green flowers in spikes resembling catkins followed by red hairy fruits

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O primeiro tratamento rompeu a dormencia dos diasporos de Rhus aromatica e o segundo de Rhus glabra.
Comparative morphology and physiology of fruit and seed development in the two shrubs Rhus aromatica and R.
5 Rubus allegheniens 2250 -- - Rhus aromatica 1850 -- - Toxicodendron radicans 1650 -- - Cornus drummondii 1600 50 - Rubus occidentalis300 -- -- - Ribes missouriense100 -- -- - Viburnum prunifolium50 -- -- - * Lonicera maackii -- 25 -- - Totals 15200 1775 295.
Of the 30 specimens in the plot irrigated from April through October, Ilex verticulata, Rhus aromatica, Viburnum dentatum, Clethra alnifolia, Hammamelis virginiana and Itea virginiana showed a decrease in total growth compared with initial measurements.
Ilex verticillata and Rhus aromatica were observed to have poor leaf quality, health, and vigor in a single specimen.
Rhus aromatica is a herb which is specific for bed-wetting and it is contained in the herbal preparation Uva-ursi Complex, a combination of herbs formulated to relieve symptoms associated with enuresis, incontinence and urinary tract infections.