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a mountainous region of eastern France drained by the Rhone and Saone and Isere rivers

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Faisant le point chez un tour operator ' lyonnais qui organise des sejours pour les agences de voyages et les sites internet, Fr 3 Rhone-Alpes a constate que les touristes se detournent de la Tunisie.
Valian also pointed out that G2iA and Rhone-Alpes, in collaboration with 20-25 participants in Luys Foundation, have
Queyranne said that the talks he had had with Tunisian government members and the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) President had reinforced the Rhone-Alpes Region's place in French-Tunisian relations, a communique of the Rhone Alpes Region Presidency, a copy of which was received by TAP news agency, on Friday, reads.
In 2010, 31,000 Chinese tourists and 8,000 Indian tourists visited the Rhone-Alpes and with Dubai a natural gateway between East and West, the Emirates flight from Dubai to Lyon five times a week will no doubt support the board's efforts significantly.
In this case, the press release concerned matters specific to the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council (its president's reaction to a request from the intelligence services seeking information in relation to the religion of certain civil servants in the region).
Among the leading players in the group are TeamTO and Pinka, both Paris-based companies producing toon series and mobile content that have set up production arms in Rhone-Alpes.
and the Rhone-Alpes region is at the crossroads between Italy, Spain and France.
The Rhone-Alpes region is good cheese country - home to the renowned Bleu de Bresse, similar to a blue Brie, and Alpine varieties like the mild Tomme de Savoie and creamy, flavourful Reblochon.
Founded in 1989, Rhone-Alpes Creation is a private Venture Capital Company (RSC) with a capital of 17 million Euros, which invests in innovative start-ups based in the Rhone-Alpes region.
TUNIS (TAP) - Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki had a meeting on Thursday morning in the Carthage palace with a delegation of businessmen from the French region of Rhone-Alpes.
Structures exist and work, but the aim is to design a general "Rhone plan" involving all stakeholders, according to Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Prefect of the Rhone-Alpes region and co-ordinator of the Rhone-Mediterranean basin.
A Rezo Films release of a Les Films du Kiosque presentation of a Les Films du Kiosque, France 2 Cinema, Rhone-Alpes Cinema, Novo Arturo Films, Le Clown & l'Enfant production, with participation of Canal Plus, Sofinergie 5, La Region Rhone-Alpes.
com/reports/c90834) has announced the addition of "Supermarkets Rhone-Alpes Region in France - Portfolio Analysis" to their offering.
Contract notice: Catering services on behalf of the rhone-alpes lyon delegation of the cnfpt.
On 11 July, Jean-Jack Queyranne, president of the Rhone-Alpes Region (France), became the new president of Quatre Moteurs pour l'Europe ( four catalysts for Europe'), a regional association whose three other members are Catalunya (Spain), Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany) and Lombardy (Italy).