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any shrub of the genus Rhododendron: evergreen shrubs or small shrubby trees having leathery leaves and showy clusters of campanulate (bell-shaped) flowers

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The conservation body Plant Heritage has recently approved Bodnant Garden's unique hybrid rhododendrons, those born and bred here, as a new National Collection.
These early rhododendrons acclimatised so well in North Wales that Lord Aberconway and his head gardener Frederick Puddle went on to develop a successful breeding programme.
A group of about 50 people have formed "The Citizen's Committee to Save Our Native Rhododendrons.
The nutrient medium according to Anderson [2] is frequently used for regeneration of rhododendrons [17].
Some animal or bug is eating the lower leaves of my rhododendrons.
CAROL: Rhododendrons have done well this year but it's important to take out dead flowers now so that the plant doesn't invest energy in making seed.
I've been lucky to see rhododendrons showing off their posies of plumes in a startling variety of disparate locations in the past 10 days.
RHODODENDRONS are an enormous genus with thousands of cultivars, which also includes azaleas.
The safe wasn't the only unusual find from the project to clear rhododendrons from Invergarry's woodland.
An information panel has been installed at the garden and the project has provided propagation facilities for the rhododendrons as well.
Rhododendrons became popular in Victorian Britain because of their vividly coloured flowers.
There's no such worries about rhododendrons and azaleas, which are so hardy they can be planted now whatever winter brings.
Feed rhododendrons and camellias with a tomato feed and keep them well watered to promote a better display next year.
It sold for pounds 7,800 and was called The Rhododendrons of Sikkim, India; he was also responsible for the rhododendron craze in England.
DNA analysis of wild evergreen rhododendrons in the Himalayas has suggested that hundreds of species of the plant could be derived from hybrids - crossbreeds between different species.