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a student who holds one of the scholarships endowed by the will of Cecil J

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It contrasted to her experiences in school, afterwards -- despite graduating from Harvard magna cum laude and studying economics as a Rhodes Scholar in Trinity College, Oxford.
Summary: Group of 40 Rhodes scholars sends letter to Australian PM Turnbull, expressing 'disapproval, horror and shame' at treatment to detainees
Last year, it was a remarkable feeling when Farah Shamout, whom I had mentored for four years, informed me that she had been selected as a Rhodes Scholar.
He and the other Rhodes Scholars all disembarked in Southampton, went into the Immigration Shed to wait for their trunks and suitcases to go through Customs.
Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani have congratulated Rafiullah Kakar over his selection as Rhodes scholar for Pakistan for the year 2013.
When she heads to Oxford University as one of 32 Rhodes scholars this fall, she'll bring her diverse skills to another subject area: education policy.
As a Rhodes scholar, he was president of Oxford's Jewish student group; at Yale, he helped found Eliezer, a semi-secret, explicitly Jewish society.
A Letter to America" is David Boren, Rhodes Scholar and Academic leader, views on how America has lost its way and how we can find our way back.
A graduate of Yale University, a Rhodes Scholar with a B.
Among the stages of Trott's life are university life in Munich and Gottingen, Rhodes scholar, the Far East, the plea for recognition, fanning the flames of resistance, the year 1944, the day itself, the aftermath, and the military situation.
DeParle, an Oxford University Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law graduate, most recently worked as board member for several large healthcare IT vendors, including Kansas City, Mo.
Cantor, a Canadian Rhodes Scholar of 1954-5 and later a controversial medieval historian, was only being franker than others when he noted in his autobiography that the dons at Oriel, where he was a student, 'struck me as a sodden mass of lazy and pompous alcoholics.
And this year, the Democrats have recruited a well-financed young candidate named Jim Himes, a Rhodes scholar and former Goldman Sachs vice president.
Lehrer is a science writer and a former Rhodes scholar who also once worked in the lab of a Nobel Prize--winning neuroscientist, so readers may rest assured that the author doesn't compromise scientific accuracy in constructing his poetic argument.
Smith's many accomplishments include becoming a Rhodes Scholar, authoring numerous law journal articles, vigorously championing legal services for the poor, serving as president of the University of South Florida, as president of The Florida Bar, as president and chair of numerous arts and philanthropic organizations, and as chair emeritus of his law firm, Carlton Fields.