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a native or resident of Rhode Island

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Just listen to some of the voices of Rhode Islanders these days:
The Rhode Islander, who had not won on tour for four years until his autumn play-off victory over the useless South African Tjaaart van der Walt in the Buick Championship at the end of August, was not going to miss this tournament for anything as it is open only to the previous year's winners and at 44 his winning days are numbered.
The Rhode Islander, a southpaw like Harrison, had clearly had enough and quit on his stool before the start of the fifth.
Every Rhode Islander deserves to know these important programs will be there to allow them to retire with dignity.
A native Rhode Islander, Carissa has a passion for helping people.
Rhode Islander Brad Faxon will be among friends in Boston and is reported to have played a number of extra practice rounds at the newly-altered TPC course.
The Rhode Islander won her state title, which was her first beauty pageant, and went on to win the Miss USA title in June, the first title for the state of Rhode Island.
Several of the boxers from the 'Contender' reality TV programme are also expected to fly over to support the Rhode Islander - including Sergio Mora and Alfonso Gomez, who both beat Manfredo in the first series, with Mora going on to repeat his success in a later rematch.
The Rhode Islander has put his feet firmly under the table the last couple of months with top-15 finishes at New Orleans and Avenel.
George Sears Greene, the little-known 62-year-old Rhode Islander who, outnumbered 3 to 1, held Culp's Hill at Gettysburg, very possibly preventing a Confederate victory on northern soil.
The 25-year-old Rhode Islander, given the shot at the long-serving WBO super-middleweight champion largely because of the fame he earned from the television reality show, nevertheless believes he can take full advantage.
With current form also hugely in favour of the Rhode Islander, buy him at five in today's match-ups.
Faxon, a 36-year-old Rhode Islander known for his short game, made his Ryder Cup debut two years ago at Oak Hill, where he missed a 7-foot putt on 18 after blasting out of a bunker - a shot that would have kept the Cup in the U.
Promoters Sports Network are officially tight-lipped on their plans for Wales' WBO and IBF super- middleweight champion, but those in the know suggest it is almost a done deal for the Rhode Islander to cross the Atlantic and challenge him.
MacDonald, a native Rhode Islander who has played trumpet in orchestras all over the world, promises the Clinton area will enjoy a show that feels both familiar and fresh.