Rhine wine

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any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany ('hock' is British usage)

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The Rhine wine here is as good as what we drank in Germany.
The new Rhine Wine glasses feature a clear stem and a blue or green tulip-shaped bowl.
It was their Rhine wine that was official for the German-American festival known as the Strassenfest (street festival?
Helena (where the family moved) the Martinis had burgundy, claret, sauterne, rhine wine and maybe Zinfandel.
With about 30% of our business in semi-sweet white wines (Haut Sauterne, Rhine Wine and a 9 balling dark rose), we were desperate for a reliable closure.
In Germany, when I visited As-bach-Uralt in Rudesheim, I tasted a delicious example of this type, using Rhine wines.
In 1977 it was Newcastle Brown Ale, various tinned beers and lager, Babycham, Cinzano and Rhine wines.
For dessert there were pyramids of meringues, pineapples, Italian puddings, strawberries, gateaux and jellies of every description, and to swill it down there was champagne, port, Bucellas, sherry and Rhine wines of the choicest vintages.
But there's a reason why the lightly sweet wines like German spatlese and auslese, Rhine wines and others are frequently offered as matches with spicy foods, especially Szechuan, Indian, Thai and other Asian countries and regions.
As one gets closer to Koblenz, the Rieslings show some of the more muscular character of Rhine wines.
RHINE wines are said to have been Queen Victoria's favourite tipple, as they have a fuller flavour than other German wines.