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Synonyms for nix

no thing; not anything

not so


to prevent or forbid authoritatively

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

Synonyms for nix

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Act III is apparently set in the canteen of the same office, with the Rhine Maidens frenetically setting tables.
Hammerlein's latest drawings, a group of large graphite-and-ink works recently on view at Derek Eller Gallery, are populated by sirens and Rhine maidens, centaurs and knights, and creatures who are half-human, half-flower.
The Rhine Maidens seem to be having a pillow fight at a pajama party, which gets the evening off to a shaky visual start.
The plaintive cry of the Rhine Maidens lamenting their missing gold.
If you're going to queue through the night to see it, next March should be a better bet than last December, but don't necessarily expect the see the Rhine maidens get their kit off again (blue pubic wigs anyone?