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With its beautiful purple Mush it reminds me, and supplies the place, of the Rhexia, which is now leaving off, and it is one of the most interesting phenomena of August.
at least the following 26 genera were medically used by Native Americans (compiled from data in Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 1977; Duke, 1986): Acer, Cephalanthus, Cornus, Fraxinus, Hypericum, Ilex, Lachnanthus, Lemna, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Myrica, Nuphar, Nymphaea, Nyssa, Orontium, Persea, Poligala, Pontederia, Rhexia, Sabatia, Sagittaria, Salix, Sarracenia, Saururus, Typha, and Xyris.
The prevailing conspicuous flowers at present [August 21] are the early golden-rods, tansy, the life-everlastings, fleabane (though not for its flower), yarrow (rather dry), hard-hack and meadow-sweet (both getting dry), also Mayweed, purple eupatorium, clethra, rhexia, thoroughwort, Polygala sanguinea, prunella and dogsbane (getting stale), touch-me-not (less observed), Canada snapdragon by roadsides, purple gerardia, horsemint, marsh speedwell, tall crowfoot (still in flower), also the epilobium and cow-wheat.