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in each of the three main contexts in which graphs are usually used: (a) graphs as representations, (b) graphs as rhetoric devices, and (c) graphs as conscription devices (as shown in Table 1).
Our results suggest that pre-service teachers who are provided with the opportunity to work with these tools make gains in their ability to use graphs in their three main functions: as representations, rhetoric devices, and conscription devices.
Pre-service teachers Pre-service teachers as learners of mathematics as teachers in transition Graphs as * Facing their * Recognizing the value of representations misconceptions in building on students' interpreting graphs kinesthetic experience "iconically" * Realizing that a * Recognizing the need to velocity graph link the concrete determines a family of experience to symbolic position graphs representations of that experience Graphs as * Realizing that graphs * Differentiating local rhetoric devices can be manipulated to and global allow for different interpretation of graphs views and arguments as tools for different types of arguments Graphs as * Using graphs as a means * Recognizing the need to conscription for communication.
Perhaps the humour derives from the incongruity of finding applicable to such a mundane piece of text a whole battery of grandly named rhetoric devices.