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any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany ('hock' is British usage)

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Fruitless as such appeals had to be, Marx could not even understand, by the idealist terms of his argument, why it was that the rich Rhenish agriculturalists found it necessary to pass such a law at that time thus expanding the criminal sanction.
With bastart, sack, with allegant and Rhenish, Your hungry maws I often did replenish, With malmsey, muscadel, and Corsica, With white, red, claret, and liatica, With hollock, sherry, malaga, canary, I stuft your sides up with a susarara, That though the world was hard, my care was still, To search and labour you might have your fill, That when my master did or sup or dine, He had his choice of fifteen sorts of wine.
The clever allies even used Wilson's single-mindedness as leverage, extracting concessions as the price of their support for the League: in this way Britain secured Wilson's agreement to try Kaiser Wilhelm II, and France solidified its claim to occupy the Rhenish Republic.
Beginning with the Rhenish limes (Roman protections against barbarian incursions along the Rhine), it includes maps on such topics as the inland migration of monks from the Loire valley in the face of Viking raids in the ninth century, urban and rural rebellions 1629-34, numbers of battalions raised by each departement, in both 1791 and 1792 (using coloured proportional circles), and protests by size and number in French cities from 13-26 May 1968.
The second-largest church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN), grew out of the Rhenish mission.
Dependence on CRAs' analytical resources and, consequently, the use of ratings in financial market regulation were found to be more pronounced in an Anglo-Saxon variety of capitalism (LME) than in a Rhenish one (CME).
For centuries roemers were popular in Northern Europe for drinking Rhenish white wine.
Scott recounts a few cases of closed mines in Yellowknife, NWT; Rhenish Massif, Germany; and Recsk, Hungary where energy studies were investigated.
These bittersweet comments reveal a fundamental debate (which does not always pit the same states or governments against the others) between a liberal Anglo-Saxon approach to society and the more regulated approach of Rhenish capitalism and the social market economy.
He handed over 101 microfilms from the Archives and Museum Foundation, Wuppertal, which contained material that documents the work of the Rhenish Mission and field files of mission stations of both Namibia and South Africa, to the National Archives of Namibia.
In contrast, in the Emsian at Willwerath, also in the Rhenish Slate Mountains of Germany, Parahughmilleria lived in a shallow, brackish or freshwater terrestrial setting in a deltaic transitional facies, possibly a floodplain lake or interdistributary lagoon (Poschmann and Tetlie 2006).
26) Finally, he concludes that Italy is not an intermediate case between Rhenish and Anglo-Saxon capitalism; instead, it comprises a distinct model of capitalism.
The Rhine region is known as GermanyOs center of carnival festivities, or Rhenish Carnival, and Carnival in Duesseldorf is one of the strongholds.
German readers will be drawn not only to the Rhenish beginnings of Fritz Jack's biography but also to the explorations of the New York of the Roaring 1920s and more socially conscious 1930s.