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Synonyms for Rhaeto-Romanic

Romance dialects spoken in parts of southeastern Switzerland and northern Italy and the Tyrol

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Blue Friuli's mountains" were peaks northeast of La Mira and Venice, while the "far Rhaetian hill" referred to the Rhaetian Alps along the Italy-Switzerland border northwest of Byron's location, in the direction of sunset.
Concurrently with the tender process "repair Magnacuntunnel" leads the Rhaetian Railway through the tender process "repair Giarsuntunnel.
Three nights are spent in the Swiss town of Chur with an excursion on the narrow-gauge Rhaetian Railway over viaducts and bridges, past waterfalls and ravines, rising to a dizzy 7,000ft for supreme views of snowcapped peaks and glaciers.
The isolated mountain valleys--more than 150 in the Rhaetian canton of Graubunden--fractured the language into five major dialects with sixty-five minor idioms.
By 1525 three Alpine leagues--the Grey League, the Chade, and the Ten Jurisdictions--had gradually joined to form what was known to contemporaries as the Rhaetian Freestate.
The wine referred to in the second line of the epigram was produced near Verona, at the foot of the Rhaetian Alps.
Until our study, seven Robertsonian races were known in Northern Italy in the vicinity of the famous Italian Lakes (Maggiore, Como, and Garda) and the Rhaetian Alps.
Project author tunnel to repair the Giarsuntunnel Rhaetian Railway in Streckenab-cut Guarda - Ardez in the Lower Engadine.
I'm travelling by train from Zurich airport and after a couple of changes, I'm on the Rhaetian railway to Davos in the largest Swiss canton of Graubunden.
Visitors who want to enjoy the apres-ski at their neighbouring destination a little longer can return to their home destination in comfort even in the later hours, with the PostBus and Rhaetian Railway.
The Lower Triassic rocks are sandstones and claystones of the variegated sandstone and dolomitic sediments of the Rhaetian.
The Rhaetian tribe seems always to have been confined to the southeastern corner of what grew into the present Swiss political confederation.
The Grimsel Line might connect Innertkirchen in the canton of Berne and with Oberwald in the canton of Valais, joining the ZB, MGB and Rhaetian Railway (RhB) to make a continuous 844km narrow-gauge network all over central and southern Switzerland.