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a blood group antigen possessed by Rh-positive people

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The frequency distribution of ABO blood group and Rh factor was expressed as percentage of each blood group and to establish the relationship between the blood group and malignancy.
Prevalence of blood groups and Rh factor in Bannu region NWFP (Pakistan).
Trend of blood groups and Rh Factor in twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad.
The frequency distribution of blood groups ABO and Rh factor has been estimated worldwide in various populations during the last few decades.
Variable including hemoglobin, blood group and Rh factor, fasting and post prandial plasma glucose, viral markers like HBsAg, Anti-HCV and Anti-HIV I/II and complete urine examination.
Cases with a serologically deter-mined blood group and Rh factor were included in the study.
There are four types of blood--O, A, B, and AB--and each type can be positive or negative, referred to as the Rh factor.
This seductive balancing act is just like the one The RH Factor manages so neatly--and Christian aTunde Adjuah, too, with his genre-bending "stretch music"--artfully swaying from jazz to other styles, then back again.
The ABORhCard[R] is a qualitative in vitro agglutination test for the simultaneous determination of ABO blood group and Rh factor status in approximately two minutes from a fingerstick of whole blood.
Type O does not exist among the feline population, and there is no Rh factor as there is in the human population.
After the amendments are made, driving licence will include more information of the driver such as blood group and Rh factor.
Rh factor is an inherited trait that refers to a specific protein (antigen in this case) on the surface of red blood cells.
Cavanaugh emphasized the presence of "the RH factor.
Blood is tested for ABO group (blood type) and Rh factor (positive or negative).