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the revolution in France against the Bourbons

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Notwithstanding Muir's adherence to the cause of Revolutionary France, it remains difficult to pigeonhole the founding father of Scottish democracy and kirk elder of Cadder as an uncomplicated man of Enlightenment.
Amy Freund's Portraiture and Politics in Revolutionary France is a long overdue and welcomed study, attending to portraits not only as an art historical concern, but also as a key aspect of visual and material culture.
In short, the activities of revolutionary France and its supporters in the newly independent America were much the same as the activities of the USSR and its supporters in America in the 20th century--to subvert and overthrow the legitimate government of the United States and to replace it with a revolutionary dictatorship.
Feeding his obsession with Revolutionary France, Reiss surrounded himself with period props and limited his playlist to Napoleonic marches.
Also, says Schweikart, the French Revolution killed its own, including Maximilien Robespierre, whose execution in 1794 marked the end of the Reign of Terror in Revolutionary France.
In 1794 the Vosges was the site of a major battle between the forces of revolutionary France and the Allied Coalition.
Great thinkers of the past used public spaces in revolutionary France to put up guillotines and in Russia to organise firing squads.
He draws particular attention to Alexis de Tocqueville, who shared Stael's emphasis on the continuities between the changes of revolutionary France and processes that had begun much earlier.
This book expands recent scholarship on Labille-Guiard's adaptive art practice and her work's reception and function within Revolutionary France.
28 Which series set in Revolutionary France was based on the book by Baroness Orczy?
00pm) Documentary examining Maximilien Robespierre's year in charge of the powerful state machine at the heart of revolutionary France.
00pm) Giles Coren and Sue Perkins taste the treats of revolutionary France, devouring a hefty breakfast and celebrating the advent of the restaurant.
Truxtun put to sea to prosecute the undeclared naval war or quasi-war with revolutionary France.
In addition he wrote a series of letters published as Letters from Revolutionary France (1794-1795) again a remarkable book.
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