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a trust created and operating during the grantor's lifetime

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There are some drawbacks to using a living trust and, depending on the type of assets you have, the costs may outweigh the benefits, so you should consult an estate planning attorney before making a decision about whether a revocable living trust makes sense for you.
Joint tenancy is sometimes a viable way to avoid probate, but its uses are limited and it has too many tax and legal problems to make it as flexible and as attractive as revocable living trusts.
A revocable living trust is often established in order to avoid probate.
After your death, the revocable living trust allows your property to be transferred--privately and outside of probate--to your named beneficiaries.
Revocable and irrevocable trusts are both "living," but the term living trust means a revocable living trust.
This issue provides an overview of the Revocable Living Trust, a strategy that may work for some, but isn't useful for everyone.
Instead, our heirs will be much more grateful if we have a revocable living trust (RLT), which has many advantages over a will, one of the biggest being that it can help you while you're alive.
The Horwitz-Bradley Revocable Living Trust of Los Angeles sold the Petsmart-Con-centra project at 3470-80 Landers Road for $2.
The "pour-over will" is typically executed at the same time as the revocable living trust (RLT).
Ronald Philip Bush Revocable Living Trust, to Clark Jeffrey Edward; 1494 Goodpasture Island Rd,Eugene; $226,000.
A and E formed a revocable living trust in 1993, contributing their family home, household furnishings, a vacant lot, a money market account, bank accounts and monthly Social Security income.
A revocable living trust may be revoked by its creator (the grantor, settler, or trustor) at will, so long as he or she is legally competent to do so.
The CBA has not taken a position on whether the transfer of an interest in an accountancy practice to a revocable living trust will jeopardize its qualification as a public accountancy firm.
In letter ruling 200104005, a husband and wife established a revocable living trust and transferred most of their assets to it, including their principal residence.