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an evangelistic meeting intended to reawaken interest in religion


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Rippon" and dated January 7, 1802 from Bourbon County, Kentucky, delineates the shape of religious enthusiasm evident in revival meetings that included Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians.
She said researchers found some people were admitted to the hospital following revival meetings experiencing severe delusional episodes.
He was a prominent critic of the Moody and Sankey Scottish evangelistic campaign of 1873-1874, denouncing the emotionalism, and what he viewed as the anti-intellectualism, of the heated revival meetings.
Kumuyi who has been flying all over Europe and the USA in the past five years to push the work through leadership building programmes, national conventions, revival meetings, retreats, etc.
There from mid-April 1906 through at least 1908, revival meetings ran almost continuously.
They also proposed a number of "new measures" to prepare the soil and sprout the seed of faith, a carefully designed set of material arrangements: preliminary prayer meetings; protracted revival meetings, often lasting several days; night-time preaching; the "anxious bench"; and, rhetorically impassioned sermons which impelled the audience to minutely scrutinize their characters for sin.
In high school I would go to revival meetings in the summertime," Mr.
The thousands - and later millions - of people who punched the air during U2 concerts may not have realised how similar the events were to spirited revival meetings, but in a secular age such highs are hard to come by.
William, who was soon to acquire a reputation as a fiery preacher, began a series of revival meetings at Bethesda Chapel and soon a congregation of over 2,000 people were squeezing through its doors.
Based in Vancouver butborn in rural Ontario, raised on mixture of evangelical Christianity and Native American culture (her missionary father was an honorary chief of the Mohawk nation) and music that included Tennessee country as well as soul, African and the gospel of the regular revival meetings they attended.
Musically, it can make one realize that being gay is a joy to sing about, not an affliction that needs to be cured via revival meetings or suppressed via constitutional amendments.
It is 1931, and the economy is terrible in the US during the Great Depression as June and her parents, with a non-speaking hired man, Rhett, travel around trying to get some money together by holding revival meetings.
It became like one of those revival meetings where you confess your sins.
Indeed, the extent to which Floyd County's emerging elite felt the need to counter Primitive Baptist doctrine can be seen in their efforts to invite and support revival meetings conducted by the "mountain evangelist," George O.