reverse osmosis

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(chemistry) a method of producing pure water

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Saltworks boasts a more efficient technology that can cut energy costs by at least half compared to a reverse-osmosis system.
The holy grail of reverse-osmosis desalination is combining high water-transport rates with efficient salt-ion rejection.
If you buy lots, of bottled or filtered water or you re worried about your tap water, a reverse-osmosis water filter can be a good investment.
The new center evaluate materials such as Noryl PPE and Ultem PEI resins and LNP Verton long-glass compounds and Lubricomp lubricated compounds in applications such as water pumps, pipe fittings, water meters, reverse-osmosis vessels, and sanitary faucets.
The reverse-osmosis technology is the only one capable of achieving the 100 milligrams-per-liter standard, said Vicki Conway, head of the treatment monitoring section for Los Angeles sanitation districts.
Pro-Flo Products, maker of water filtration systems for the retail marketplace, adds a splash of color to the kitchen sink with its under-counter, reverse-osmosis water filtration units.
NanoH2O only reverse-osmosis company recognized by The Artemis Project two years running
This Solicitation Is For A Flat-Sheet Membrane Test And Pilot System, Allowing The Evaluation Of Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration And Reverse-Osmosis Flat-Sheet Membranes And Small Scale Pilot Operation.
Constructing a reverse-osmosis addition to the Simi Valley treatment plant alone and the extra power required to operate it could cost $25 million to $50 million, according to Laura Herron, Simi Valley assistant city manager.