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Synonyms for nationalization

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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But this socalled reverse privatization does not guarantee that a fare increase will not happen.
For example, in defense of the new provision in the law, the government cited lengthy judicial proceedings that last for years and that make it difficult to reverse privatization deals because the company would have invested already and it would therefore be costly to return properties to the government.
Since management of privatized KESC has failed to meet obligations of an efficient utility, it should not be allowed to continue any more and the government should take a bold step - reverse privatization - to save Karachiites from the misery of power failures and hours of load shedding even in December.
Readers who oppose the marketization of social security would certainly wish to look for ways to reverse privatization.
This leads to "growing income gaps and social tensions," which in turn can lead to a range of attacks on US firms, from terrorism to government attempts to reverse privatizations or roll back trade incentives.