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carriers a statutory license for certain retransmissions of local
unlike that which governs distant signal retransmissions, does not
1] is generated within the contention window for the next transmission attempt, where on a packet's i-th retransmission
Yuba, The effect of limiting the number of retransmission trials on the stability of slotted aloha systems, IEEE Trans.
When it comes to error correction, end-to-end retransmission is very expensive.
deemed such retransmissions "performances," and therefore
Significant gains in service quality and throughput improvements - including reducing the number of dropped calls and data retransmissions - were demonstrated using the Wireless Online equipment.
Lockhart pointed out that eliminating errors not only increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs, but also reduces the frustration and bottlenecks caused by retransmissions.
Traffic optimization: SpeedServer sets data transfer rate to ensure the slowest segment of the connection operates at capacity, minimizing retransmissions.
It interfaces with every component of the paging system and controls all major functions including the batching and scheduling of outbound paging, the coordination of two-way inbound responses and originated transmissions, retransmissions as required, and the return of two-way page status information and replies to the paging terminal.
A minimum level of bandwidth, or quality of service, can be guaranteed for every user, so packet loss and retransmissions are greatly reduced.
For accounting, troubleshooting and performance analysis, managers can generate reports that capture flow statistics, retransmissions, "top 10" talkers and listeners, and other useful operational information.
A minimum level of bandwidth can be guaranteed for every user, so that aborted downloads and retransmissions are greatly reduced.
User satisfaction is determined by correlating such elements as error connections, retransmissions, stop hits, server delays and transfer rates.
Synchronized Retransmission, which helps reduce the number of retransmissions, improving TCP/IP throughput.