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Public sector (government) retirement plans and plans sponsored by churches are not covered by ERISA.
As stated earlier, retirement plans other than SEPs must be set up before a year-end to get a current-year tax deduction.
3 The November 2006 PLANSPONSOR[R] magazine Defined Contribution Survey results place Transamerica Retirement Services as a top-five provider out of 50 for retirement plans with up to $55 million in assets based on total number of cups won.
The court based its ruling on the failure of the relevant statutes to allow S shareholders to deduct contributions to qualified retirement plans.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With the passage of the Pension Protection Act and numerous legislative provisions impacting retirement plans in 2007, plan administrators will be expected to keep pace with a rapidly changing regulatory environment.
Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) apply to qualified retirement plans.
In addition, while many employers have backed off of their DB plans, we still see a true commitment by employers to help fund their employees' retirement plans with the help of money purchase plans," he added.
Employee retirement plans are often a taxpayer's biggest asset and must be considered in planning for an equitable distribution of property.
We expect these numbers to increase given the recent passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, which both clarifies the rules and offers incentives to employers to implement automatic features within their employee retirement plans," said David Ray, the not-for-profit practice leader at Diversified.
When dealing with estate planning and taxes involving retirement plans, there are several elections to remember.
Different from qualified retirement plans, no contribution limits, distribution requirements or income restrictions apply to SRA investments.
402(c)(9), lump-sum and certain other "nonannuity" distributions from a qualified retirement plan paid to an employee's spouse after the employee's death are eligible for rollover to an individual retirement account (IRA) for the spouse.
Nation's Second Largest Provider of Retirement Plans to Health Care Organizations Selected Based on Personal, Face-to-Face Client Service and Comprehensive Financial Planning Capabilities
Estate plans that intend to include charitable donations should consider transferring account balances of qualified retirement plans or of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to a charity of choice.
Alliance Benefit Group (ABG), a leading provider of retirement plan services, is offering comprehensive financial education services to companies providing retirement plans through its 15 national licensed offices.
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