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someone who has retired from active working

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Retirees find it difficult to convert from group insurance to individual coverage.
Another source of greater costs comes from an evergrowing number of retirees receiving and approaching eligibility for these benefits.
This standard, which will be gradually phased in for private-sector employers during the next several years, requires that financial statements include information about liabilities associated with providing health care benefits to future retirees.
Fauerso, now 71, has inspired his fellow retirees to plant 66,775 trees all told.
Of the retirees, 143 (75%) are male and 47 (25%) are female.
Health exchanges are attractive because they enable companies to take advantage of the health care efficiencies found in the individual market, and when you have efficiency on top of competition, you will see better financial outcomes for both companies and retirees.
In particular, employers are looking for ways to leverage private exchange solutions that have delivered increased value to many Medicare retirees for their non-Medicare-eligible retirees.
Initial changes employers made to retiree health benefits affected future retirees as opposed to then-current retirees, but now more and more retirees are "aging into" the program changes, and don't realize they won't be getting benefits anymore.
Twenty-three percent of retirees feel they have to go back to work, and two-thirds of pre-retirees (64 percent) indicate they now feel they need to work longer.
About 80 percent of city retirees signed up for Medicare, believing the fraud.
Across the state and local government sector, the ability to maintain current levels of retiree benefits will depend, in large part, on the nature and extent of the fiscal challenges that lie ahead--challenges driven primarily by the growth in health-related costs for Medicaid, and for active employees as well as retirees.
The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have worked out a compromise plan to pay about $500 million in back retirement pay to more than 100,000 military retirees who receive compensation for service-connected disabilities.
Interested retirees should contact Edwards Retiree Affairs Office at (661) 277-4931 for more information.
The plaintiffs were retirees or surviving spouses of retirees of J.