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someone who has retired from active working

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance, said one reason Mississippi scores so high for being tax friendly for retirees is because the state exempts all qualified retirement income from state taxes.
Medicare Advantage plans deliver a more streamlined experience for retirees and employees.
Sabihan niyo mga retirees, 'Hintayin niyo maging Presidente si Bato.
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Nearly three-quarters, 72%, of retirees experience at least one financial shock at some point in their post-employment years, and for one-third of them, it depletes their savings by 25%, according to the Society of Actuaries (SOA) 2015 Risks and Processes of Retirement Survey.
Forty-three percent of retirees said their employers took no steps at all to help them understand and ready for the expense of retiree medical benefits before they retired.
Initial changes employers made to retiree health benefits affected future retirees as opposed to then-current retirees, but now more and more retirees are "aging into" the program changes, and don't realize they won't be getting benefits anymore.
Bougari, also a former member of the committee's board of directors, said more than a million Saudi retirees were calling for the increase of their monthly pension to a minimum of SR5,000 so they could meet their daily expenses.
Twenty-three percent of retirees feel they have to go back to work, and two-thirds of pre-retirees (64 percent) indicate they now feel they need to work longer.
Some 2,100 retirees of the two plants and their union, the Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America, objected.
employers to shift more and more of the cost of health benefits to retirees and, in some cases, even to eliminate retiree health benefits entirely.
WORCESTER - Without making a commitment to municipal retirees, the City Council last night asked the city administration for additional information on the feasibility of having the city pay for part or all of the retirees' Part B Medicare costs.
As these standards are implemented and the extent of the related liabilities become known, questions have been raised about whether the public sector can continue to provide the current level of benefits to its retirees.
April 19 -- School districts may reduce neither the level of health insurance coverage nor their contribution toward its cost for retirees unless the reduction applies equally to active employees, under legislation signed into law by Governor Eliot Spitzer.
The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have worked out a compromise plan to pay about $500 million in back retirement pay to more than 100,000 military retirees who receive compensation for service-connected disabilities.