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either of two yellow to red retinal pigments formed from rhodopsin by the action of light

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BVT is a developer and producer of suprachoroidal positioned retinal prostheses for restoring vision to the blind and slowing the progression of retinal degeneration.
Raw coffee is, on average, just 1 percent caffeine, but it contains 7 to 9 percent chlorogenic acid (CLA), a strong antioxidant that prevents retinal degeneration in mice, according to a Cornell study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (December 2013).
The Institute opened in Sarasota in 1981, and has become internationally recognized for treating complex eye problems such as macular and retinal degeneration, diabetic and thyroid-related eye diseases, retinal detachment, strabismus (crossed eyes), optic nerve diseases, ocular trauma, infections and eye tumors.
Cockayne Syndrome (CS) is a human genetic disorder with diverse clinical symptoms that include hypersensitivity to sunlight, severe mental and physical growth retardation, progressive neurological and retinal degeneration, and skeletal abnormalities.
Runyan, who has a genetic retinal degeneration called Stargardt's, competed in the 1992 and '96 Paralympic Games.
Consider a well-studied mutant strain of mice that suffers retinal degeneration.
Earlier (pages 15-25), imaging techniques present transplants, suited for reversals of retinal degeneration.
SIGHT AGAIN could revolutionize the treatment of blindness due to retinal degeneration and bring unique and innovative solutions to patients who have a very high unmet medical need.
She will extend these studies to mutant rhodopsins that cause the retinal degeneration disease Retinitis pigmentosa and that are known to misfold and to other membrane proteins, in particular carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A, of particular interest to our division.
The University of Miami, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute investigated if a diet supplemented with grapes could protect the photoreceptors in mice with retinal degeneration, where the mice were either fed a grape-supplemented diet corresponding to 3 servings of grapes per day for humans or one of two control diets.
Catlin compiles 15 studies and three short communications that examine the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of retinal degeneration.
They treat macular and retinal degeneration, diabetic and thyroid-related eye diseases, retinal detachment, strabismus (crossed eyes), optic nerve diseases, ocular trauma and infections, and eye tumors.
It also reviews key players involved in the therapeutic development for Retinal Degeneration.
The report reviews key players involved in the therapeutics development for Retinal Degeneration and enlists all their major and minor projects.
These cells are available throughout life and we hope eventually that they would be useful for retinal transplantation to repair disease, to be used in cell therapies for diseases that involve retinal degeneration, such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa.