urinary retention

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holding urine in the urinary bladder

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75%) cases while other complications such as PPH, retention of urine and Para urethral tear were less frequent.
5 mg is used in combination therapy has advantage of it reduces IPSS score, prostate volume, increases the urinary flow rate, decreases the rate of acute retention of urine and prostatic surgery.
A 25-year-old male farmer, hailing from a village of West Bengal, presented in the emergency with acute retention of urine and severe agonizing pain radiating along the back of thighs.
In the long run, retention of urine can end up in women developing weak bladders.
Retention of urine creates conditions that are ripe for infections, and constipation is also associated with urinary infections in children.
Qualitative data (frequencies and percentages) such as gender, degree of hemorrhoids, retention of urine, bleeding, wound healing, wound dehiscence, recurrence, anal stenosis, anal incontinences and wound infection etc.
Giant Solitary echinococcal cyst of the seminal vesicle: An uncommon cause of retention of urine.
The selection criteria were; Refractory retention of urine, Severe IPSS, absence of signs of malignancy on Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and post-voiding residual urine more than 100 ml.
Overstimulation of alpha-and allergic receptors located within the smooth muscle increases muscle tone, worsening symptoms of obstruction and retention of urine and decreasing the urinary flow rate.
This condition, termed detrusorsphincter dyssynergia, can lead to retention of urine.
Three months later the patient had an episode of retention of urine for which patient attended our outpatient department.
However, there is a very small risk of minor complications, including urinary tract infections, retention of urine and increased urgency to urinate after surgery.
The patient developed chronic retention of urine and needed corrective surgery.
With extensive retention of urine, a putrefying phase may develop in which germs and microbes begin to multiply in the urinary tract, leading to problems.
This can lead to the painful distention of the bladder and if the problem is not noticed and dealt with, the retention of urine can result in episodes of kidney or bloodstream infections which can seriously jeopardise the health and well-being of the patient,'' said Dr David Stickler, who has been researching the problem since 1970.