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any of the enzymes that cut nucleic acid at specific restriction sites and produce restriction fragments

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We found that gDNA within TDCPP-treated embryos--but not vehicle-treated embryos--at the end of cleavage was completely digested by methylation-sensitive restriction endonucleases, suggesting that normal gDNA methylation was absent in TDCPP-treated embryos at 2 hpf.
hongkongensis based on the two restriction endonucleases in our key, but several other endonucleases will differentiate between the two (JFC, unpublished data).
29) The detection of foreign DNA and its degradation by restriction endonucleases occurs in most prokaryotic cells (i.
Use of plasmid profiles and restriction endonuclease digest in enviroronmental studies of Listeria spp.
If the same approach were to be applied to the detection of the placenta-derived hypomethylated SERPINB5 molecules, an endonuclease that exhibits an opposite action to the methylation-sensitive restriction endonucleases described above would be needed.
The second step was to screen those loci that successfully amplified across all billfish species with a panel of restriction endonucleases to identify enzymes that discriminated among species and revealed limited intraspecific variation.
Five (Cfo I, Sau 96 I, Hpa II, Hin f I and Alu I) of the 12 restriction endonucleases cleaved the amplicons with more than one haplotype.
9,10) Genomic DNA was cut with a restriction endonuclease, and the resultant fragments were size-fractionated in an agarose gel and transferred to a nylon membrane for probing with locus-specific probes.
The pullulan DNA was ligated both forward (sense) and backward (antisense) into the pYES2 through the use of several restriction endonucleases.
Demand for DNA polymerases, restriction endonucleases and other workhorse laboratory enzymes will grow steadily; innovative products may also spur demand.
PCR products were digested with different restriction endonucleases (DdeI, MboI, MboII, and MseI.
Careful interpretation of PFGE typing results, use of additional restriction endonucleases, or use of other typing techniques is necessary to ensure correct classification of different patterns to the variant or strain level.
Restriction endonucleases and the 10x NEBuffers and 100x bovine serum albumin solution for the RFLP reactions were bought from New England Biolabs.
1) were analyzed to survey broadly the species' mtDNA variability using 12 restriction endonucleases (Appendix 1).
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