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a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms

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All three test methods mentioned above involved ISO 28580 rolling resistance measurements conducted at different stages of testing.
The TE resistor lab kits employ either thin-film or thick-film resistor technology and offer distinct features to provide a cost-effective resistance measurement platform for a wide range of applications.
The results of resistance measurements of the samples are listed in Table 2.
Lightweight parallel metal bars will result in a higher resistance measurement than circular five-pound electrodes, especially on non-homogeneous materials.
Experiment 2: The Shapes of Acu-Points and Acu-Meridians from the Data of So-Called Skin Resistance Measurement
During the course of permeability testing it was observed that the physical movement of cells including laboratory handling coupled with a change in temperature caused immediate inconsistencies in resistance measurement.
The polarizable reverse interval is suitable to allow adequate charge time for a resistance measurement (performed at the end of the charge cycle, minimizing the effects of residual polarization and electrolysis).
The study, conducted by ESIS Risk Control Services, a business unit of Philadelphia-based Ace USA, used a slip resistance measurement device known as the Variable Incidence Tribometer to determine exactly how well a given product worked--that is to determine the precise amount by which a product increased slip resistance on certain surfaces under certain conditions.
This AD would require electrical resistance measurement (ELM) on the ground studs of the No.
Session 1 on Rolling Resistance will include the following presentations: "A comparative analysis of on-road and laboratory-based rolling resistance measurements," Rahul Ahlawat and Michael Smith, A&D Technology; and "Robust alignment of tire rolling resistance measurement," Madhura Rajapakshe, James Popio, Douglas Rice and James McIntyre, Smithers Rapra North America.
Other topics include room temperature boron diffusion in amorphous silicon, the carbon co- implant with spike RTA solution for phosphorus extension, defect evolution during laser annealing, and accurate sheet resistance measurement on ultra-shallow profiles.
The electrodes are disconnected and moved along a spacing to connect to electrode positions 1-3-5-7 and the resistance measurement repeated.
GENEVA, Ohio -- TEGAM introduces the Model 17510A Chip Tweezers accessory, designed to work with the TEGAM 1750 and 1740 resistance measurement instruments.