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Synonyms for resiliency

Synonyms for resiliency

an occurrence of rebounding or springing back

the physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit


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These principles are geared toward mainstreaming disaster-risk reduction to ensure energy resiliency as a priority to protect the people,' said Cusi, who signed the policy on January 17.
These chapters provide compelling and thoughtful assessments for better understanding why when we consider resiliency, we really need to understand whether we are thinking of something we do (coping resources), something we are (a disposition or personality trait), or something that we possess (skills, experiences or beliefs that can be trained or developed by knowledgeable leaders).
Every family and every neighborhood must be prepared--from ensuring New Yorkers have an emergency plan and 'go bags' at the ready, to working with our partners across government to move forward our comprehensive resiliency plan.
This nurturing can continue through adulthood via mentorship and guiding leaders who display their own resiliency.
The holistic analysis of resiliency provides insight into a capability or system's resilient characteristics and provides a means for creating informed decisions regarding funding, development, deployment, and mission accomplishment.
Al Siebert, PhD (1935-2009), wrote several books, the best known being the award-winners The Survivor Personality and The Resiliency Advantage.
Recommendation: To better ensure that DHS's efforts to incorporate resiliency into its overall CIKR protection efforts are effective and completed in a timely and consistent fashion, the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection should develop performance measures to assess the extent to which asset owners and operators are taking actions to resolve resiliency gaps identified during the various vulnerability assessments.
Resiliency provides the language that speaks across divisions as we progress through the 21st century.
Like most good habits, resiliency starts with physical fitness, extending our capacity to confidently manage the excess pressures that can harden into stress, and ensuring that our internal engine will not break down when the going gets tough.
The resiliency concept is best illustrated by the "resiliency triangle," shown in Exhibit 1.
While data are easily collected regarding the general efficacy (and non-efficacy) of substance abuse programs, the authors have been unable to identify any specific studies related to the fields of social work and TR that utilize a resiliency theory framework in the treatment of substance abuse.
Resiliency is needed in both pre-service teachers as well as in institutional systems of a PDS in order to meet K-16 student learning and professional development needs.
Results suggested that the learning disability teachers who reviewed the resiliency report were significantly more optimistic for the evaluated student than those teachers who reviewed the deficit report.
Research suggests there is a connection between resiliency and successful career development in high-risk clients.
The purpose of this paper was to solicit commentary from the banking industry on proposed regulatory changes designed to increase the security and resiliency of the banking system in a post-September 11 environment.