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Synonyms for residence

Synonyms for residence

a building or shelter where one lives

Synonyms for residence

any address at which you dwell more than temporarily

the official house or establishment of an important person (as a sovereign or president)

the act of dwelling in a place

References in classic literature ?
Aramis called Bazin, and, after having ordered him to join them at Athos's residence, said "Let us go then," at the same time taking his cloak, sword, and three pistols, opening uselessly two or three drawers to see if he could not find stray coin.
I had not locked the door--I had never been in the habit of locking the door during my residence under Mr.
If you will be pleased to consider your residence here as an unimportant episode in your life, which ends--
Local property giant SM Prime Holdings has expanded its leasing portfolio with the opening of a new retail podium called "Sun Mall," which is attached to Sun Residences on Espana corner Mayon Street.
The governor general's main residence is the largest of all the official residences.
Facts: In the case, the employer contracted with an RSC to assist in selling employees' residences.
114 luxury condominium residences feature floor-to-ceiling glass with most homes enjoying unparalleled panoramic views that sweep across Prospect Park or feature the stunning span from Brooklyn to Manhattan, from the Verrazano Bridge to Manhattan's Chrysler and Empire State buildings.
In today's hot housing market, many taxpayers are selling their residences and moving.
Bishopscourt is "is one of the few large private residences left in Montreal's historic Square Mile, and its listing has caused a flurry of interest," he added.
We are seeing new urbanism emerge in South Florida with the rebirth of quality residences within city centers and buyers' strong desire to live, work, play and shop--all within close proximity," said Jorge Perez, chairman and chief executive officer of The Related Group of Florida--one of the Largest and most innovative residential developers in the state.
This broader definition encompasses taxpayers who sell or exchange their residences to care for sick relatives.
Defendants arrested under such circumstances often will claim that there were insufficient facts to establish probable cause that drugs or drug records will be found in their residences.
This is especially true for staff working with persons who are developmentally disabled and live in community residences (Bergman, 1975).
W Hoboken Hotel & Residences, a 26-story building with 225 hotel rooms and 36 condominium residences starting on the 18th floor, is bringing sweeping cityscapes and luxurious hotel amenities to downtown Hoboken.