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Even with the use of nets, fishes as large as sturgeon, requiem sharks, bat rays and salmon surely required individual handling and processing.
In sum, requiem sharks, bat rays and individual salmon stocks spend much less of the year in the Bay than does the more-or-less resident sturgeon population.
4 Only vertebrae of the requiem sharks were represented in the assemblage.
There are requiem sharks, the family of tropical superpredators aptly named for a funeral service, sandtiger sharks, which cannibalize on their siblings, and nurse sharks that, when provoked, will bite, shake and hold on to their antagonist, even in death, until their jaws are pried apart.
Two species of requiem sharks (family Carcharhinidae), Carcharhinus brachyurus and Prionace glauca, are also common in coastal waters but are prohibited as target species in northern New Zealand.