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Synonyms for requiem

a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

a musical setting for a Mass celebrating the dead

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a Mass celebrated for the dead

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No politician from the region attended the requiem mass for Mrs Muge who was also a cleric.
The three hours between the two services will be used to ensure the church is prepared for the Requiem Mass.
The magnificant setting of the Metropolitan Cathedral hosted the Requiem Mass
White flowers spelling out the word "Sister" could be seen being carried out of the requiem mass.
During his retirement years, Canon Collingwood concelebrated Wilf's requiem mass at St Mary's Cathedral.
Lynch's funeral will take place tomorrow morning at Shanganagh Cemetery, Shankill after a requiem mass at 11.
Hundreds gathered for the Requiem Mass at St Mary's Catholic Church in Derby for the service for Jade and her five brothers Duwayne, John, Jack, Jesse and Jayden, who were said to have doted on each other.
Sir Jimmy's body will be taken to a city centre hotel in his home town of Leeds on Tuesday so well-wishers can say goodbye to him ahead of a Requiem Mass in the city the day after - Wednesday, November 9.
A RARE recording of Wilfred Owen's iconic Requiem Mass is to be played in Birkenhead during Remembrance Week.
Elias Cathedral Downtown - Beirut at the invitation of Beirut and Jbeil Greek-Catholic Melkite parish head Youssef Kallas, 12:00 Requiem mass in honor of Gibran Tueini 5th assassination anniversary at St.
The cortege left the Co Fermanagh man's parents' home for Requiem Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Irvinestown.
The composer used text in German, rather than the traditional Latin of the requiem Mass, as a reflection of his focus on humanity over grandeur.
Tens of thousands of southerners attended a Requiem Mass to pay their respects to Fr.
m from the Cebula Funeral Home, 66 South Street, Ware, with a Requiem Mass at 10 a.
A Requiem Mass will be held this Tuesday at St James' Church, Norton Canes, Staffordshire where he continued to lead services until last October.