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The agreement will contribute in strengthening economic relations between the UAE and the Republic of Hungary along with achieving an economic balance between the two countries.
The delegation of the Georgian Defence Ministry, headed by Minister Irakli Alasania, left for the Republic of Hungary on the
During the Hungarian prime minister's visit, the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Government of the Republic of Hungary on Economic Cooperation was signed and a Macedonian-Hungarian business forum took place in which both prime ministers took part.
2) Treaty on Extradition between Australia and the Republic of Hungary, Australia, signed 25 October 1995, ATS No 13 (entry into force 25 April 1997).
The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Hungary to the United Nations, Ambassador Andre Erdos, and the Consul-General of the Republic of Hungary, Dr.
Invitel Holdings A/S is the number one alternative and the second-largest fixed line telecommunications and broadband Internet Services Provider in the Republic of Hungary, delivering voice, data and Internet services to residential and business customers.
During the meeting, they discussed aspects of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Republic of Hungary to enhance the relationship between the two friendly countries and ways of activating the youth and sports fields through agreements signed between the General Presidency for Youth Welfare and the Hungarian Ministry of Youth and Sports.
It is worth mentioning that the economic ties between the Sultanate and the Republic of Hungary have been on the rise over the past decade with a focus on the oil and gas sector, the trade of electronic and electrical goods, steel and plastic products, medicine and various manufactures.
He also addressed the Foreign Policy Commission of the National Assembly of the Republic of Hungary.
The Protocols we are signing today are important agreements with regard to the enlargement strategy, because they provide, in advance of the accession of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Hungary to the European Union, for an extension of some important benefits of the Internal Market.
Pal Hegedus, a Vice President with RBF Consulting in Sacramento, recently received the prestigious Knight's Cross Merit of the Republic of Hungary Award, the country's sixth-highest civilian honor.
Riyadh, 24 Rabi'II,1437 AH, 03 February,2016 , SPA -- Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ed bin Abdulaziz, General President of Youth Welfare Presidency received here today the Ambassador of Republic of Hungary to the Kingdom Ferenc Csillag.
The meeting discussed several topics related to developing the relations between the two countries in the civil aviation field, in addition to discussing the Air Transport Agreement between the Sultanate and the Republic of Hungary.
On the occasion of 23 October, National Day of the Republic of Hungary (1956 Revolution Memorial Day) and Day of the Republic (day of proclaiming the Republic of Hungary in 1989), the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Macedonia hosted a reception at the Continental Hotel in Skopje on 21 October.
is the leading alternative telecommunications service provider in the Republic of Hungary with a presence in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.