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a mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys

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The piano being used at the concert is Richard's own B|sendorfer Imperial, the Austrian company's finest instrument, converted by him into a state-of-the-art reproducing piano.
Often, of course, the sonic artifice of reproducing pianos is evident: overstressed musical punctuation, narrowed ranges of timbre and dynamics, terraced and aggressive phrasing.
If you're really on the cutting edge of technology, you could take the process even one step closer to being there yourself--a video synchronized with a MIDI-equipped reproducing piano recording.
Yet another irritant is the lack of any details of Rosenthal's Ampico reproducing piano rolls; he made at least a dozen that appeared between 1924 and 1930.
The ceremony, featuring a Yamaha Disklavier performance reproducing piano, video projector and screen set up on stage, gave the audience an opportunity to experience the same breathtaking video-sync technology used in the virtual audition phase of the competition.
The Disklavier is a performance reproducing piano by Yamaha Corporation of America.
Kent Holliday focuses on music technology in "Some American Firms and Their Contributions to the Development of the Reproducing Piano," examining the attempts by manufacturers of player pianos to reproduce accurately qualities of human performance.