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the quality of being reproducible

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accurately ranks irritancy levels with reproducible results via automated platereader.
Caliper's LabChip systems miniaturize, integrate and automate high volume screening to enable researchers to perform complex, multi-step experiments in a fraction of the time with far less user intervention, using tiny quantities of precious reagents and producing high quality, reproducible results.
Using temperature feedback and built-in power control, the system adjusts microwave power to provide reproducible results and ensure repeatable conditions for every test.
However, it is difficult to obtain reproducible results or to determine the best instrument settings for processing new materials.
It offers the prospect of improved sensitivity of breast physical examination along with objective, quantitative, reproducible results, he said at a breast cancer symposium sponsored by the San Antonio Cancer Institute.
To get reproducible results, Kramer smoothed out, then recrumpled a mylar sheet as many as 30 times to get a dense network of intersecting ridges.
Recent studies on aluminum composites demonstrate accurate and reproducible results with two such techniques, each of which should allow measurements of the SiC content within approximately [+ or -] 1 vol%.
This results in faster method development, higher capacity and sensitive, reproducible results every time.
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services has over 40 years of experience with providing reliable and reproducible results to our pharmaceutical clients working in drug discovery.
Shearing using AFA beads in the microTUBE LV provides robust, reproducible results without introducing fragment bias, thereby leading to high quality NGS library preparation, less expensive sequencing, and more effective data interpretation.
Bioo Scientific's Lab Services offer competitive pricing, with rapid turnaround times and reliable, reproducible results and a level of support that's second to none.
Whether the the instrument is being used in a lab or on the factory floor, the Excellence HS153 achieves highly reproducible results through advanced halogen technology combined with a high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell.
The unit offers a range of capabilities for incubating biological materials and guarantees reproducible results.
The RD 06 is the newest bench-top system designed to perform feasibility studies and test production runs with process parameters, which are identical to those of the company's industrial sealing machines, providing reproducible results.
Contact the company for the development of down-to-earth technological solutions, depending on the product and the target applications; the development of reproducible results, adapted to your technical, qualitative, environmental and economic requirements; and the rapid response to potential projects using a flexible-yetprofessional structure (www.