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the quality of being reproducible

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All columns and kits are manufactured under ISO 9001 standards and provide sensitive, reproducible results to meet strict requirements for reliable analysis in a wide variety of sample types.
The Pico-Mix is a fully automatic laboratory foam generator that provides reproducible results for product requirements such as aeration level, product density, throughput, etc.
The S-Roll as the heart of the overall system enables accurate reproducible results due to its user defined capabilities, to define pressure application possibilities to the two S-Rolls.
Fully reproducible results using either manual or automatic versions of the m-tec control system ensure high product quality and quick availability for the next batch.
This method maintains pneumoperitoneum, and ensures accurate placement of the Suture Passer for consistent and reproducible results with every closure.
We have found that the Strain Hardening test delivers reproducible results which very nicely correlate with results of time-consuming traditional slow crack growth tests -- but in a much shorter time," says Frans Scholten, expert on material testing at Kiwa Technology.
Kittiwake's portable FTIR3 Oil Analyser comprises three main components (FTIR3 spectrometer, portable computer and carrying case), and is simple to operate, requiring only 2 ml of oil sample to produce accurate, reproducible results in minutes.
For sensitive protocols, it is essential that you match the correct plate type to your assay to ensure that accurate, reproducible results are obtained for downstream analysis.
Well known for our superior customer service, we become an integral part of our clients' team, providing timely, reliable, accurate, and reproducible results.
The product is manufactured from standardised, quality-controlled sole source lots, allowing for consistent and reproducible results.
Herrmann's full line of thermoplastic welding machines includes the HiQ Dialog, which offers force profiling with four weld forces, extended memory and weld process graphics; the HiQ Vario, featuring proportional valve technology and digital high-performance generators (standard equipment includes multiple USB high-speed interfaces, printer and Ethernet connections); and the HiQ Logic, which has five welding modes for reproducible results (standards include a password protection feature and volume counter, as well as five operating modes: time, power, energy, depth RPN and absolute distance).
Contact the company for the development of down-to-earth technological solutions, depending on the product and the target applications; the development of reproducible results, adapted to your technical, qualitative, environmental and economic requirements; and the rapid response to potential projects using a flexible-yetprofessional structure (www.
The dispenser comes with a foot pedal actuator and allows for a hands-free operation that ensures precise mix ratios and reproducible results, and the stand also is fully-adjustable over three axes and can accommodate a wide range of product applications, the company adds.
Additionally, the revision updates test procedures to provide criteria that will allow testing laboratories to generate reproducible results while removing restrictive language that could impede the testing process.
This permits flexible processing of assemblies up to 500 x 500 mm with reproducible results.