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the quality of being reproducible

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This enables the system to be fine-tuned for maximum cure efficiency to ensure accurate reproduceability of the curing process and consistent product quality.
They are caused by numerical errors, tolerances of actual components with regard to their nominal values, and limited accuracy and reproduceability of measurements.
The pro-inertia story points to the survival-enhancing organizational features of accountability, reliability and reproduceability, whereas the driving forces behind environmental selection are the (contemporaneous and delayed) density-dependent processes of competition and legitimation (Hannan and Freeman 1977, 1984).
Walter Benjamin's lament for the loss of "aura" in the age of mechanical reproduction finds its counterargument in Celluloide, which exploits the mechanical reproduceability of film to recapture the Rossellinian source.
This easily exceeded the conventionally accepted minimum value of 90 percent for reproduceability in scale development.