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an agent that represses


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Because repression of a jumping gene also affects genes located near it on the chromosome, the researchers suspect that these repressors have been co-opted for other gene-regulatory functions, and that those other functions have persisted and evolved long after the jumping genes the repressors originally turned off have degraded due to the accumulation of random mutations.
In the present study, therefore, our aim was to establish whether or not repressors experienced fewer aversive images when using the TNT paradigm than when it was not used.
We have demonstrated that pairing a ZF DNA binding protein to the transcriptional repressor Kruppel-associated box enables in vivo, the transcriptional repression of one of the most abundantly expressed gene in mammals, the human rhodopsin gene (RHO).
We discovered that the Notch protein, which is involved in the development of most tissues, is responsible for activating the gene GATA2 which is necessary to generate hematopoietic stem cells; at the same time, it induces the reproduction of its own repressor, HES-1," said Anna Bigas, the coordinator of the research group on stem cells and cancer at IM1M:
Because of their need for control, repressors are very disciplined and more motivated to adapt their lifestyles, Mund said.
In the classic molecular genetic studies, prokaryotic promoters were believed to be regulated by a single specific regulatory protein, either a repressor and an activator, as originally identified in the lac operon regulation by LacI repressor.
Many former repressors continue fulfilling official functions in the police and military security forces," said Teresita Asilvera, a CCS leader.
Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe are among the worst repressors of freedom of speech.
Assemblies of inflatable lungs/choked out of recognizable life/a rebel's reticence to ceasing/ as they cried out to canoes of mercy/rowed through canals of men with guns/as they cried out to the helicopters/ hovering ominously above their beloved communities/as they cried out save my grandmother my uncle/my auntie/ my babies/The repressors of their very movement they implored to find a human ringer/in the biliously murderous waters and even further appeals/ to secret emissaries authoring this snivelling siege of decriminalized killing/they resigned also to cry mercy
Why and how elites make the transition from innovators to repressors is complicated: the nature of the elitist threat changes from discipline to discipline, Lloyd suggests, because the potential that innovations possess to overturn an entire body of thought also changes from discipline to discipline.
This is the man who was sacked from the BBC for writing a newspaper column that said Arabs were suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors.
Children and parents who were identified as low anxious or repressors had less posttraumatic stress reported, compared with those who were identified as high anxious or defensive/high anxious (J.
As predicted, repressors reported less substance use.
These genes are transcriptional repressors that are essential for the silencing of other families of genes.
They need to fight back against the repressors, not against those in the neighborhood.