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an agent that represses


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The second genetic construct comprises a second regulatory region in operative association with a nucleic acid molecule, or a derivative thereof, encoding a repressor protein, the repressor protein exhibiting both repressor operator sequence binding activity and repressor activity.
The former codes for a transcriptional activator and the latter codes for a cellulase repressor protein that acts principally through catabolite repression.
A repressor protein of bacteriophage P1, encoded by the c1 gene, is responsible for maintaining P1 prophage in the lysogenic state.
A gene that makes a repressor protein all of the time would be put into the cotton plant, along with a recombinase gene that has a promoter engineered to be inactivated by the repressor protein.
In an additional 8 mRNAs with short leaders of from 3 to seven nucleotides and lacking a Shine-Dalgarno homology, one 5'-proximal AUG sequence is the start codon for the phage P22 c2 repressor protein, and 5 others are blocked in-frame by termination codons upstream of known coding regions.
REST encodes a transcriptional repressor protein and has already been described as a gene involved in early neural development.
Expression of the recombinant proteins was induced by IPTG which bind to the lac repressor protein, inactivating it leading to transcription of sequences downstream of the promoter.
We are finding that in the placenta, where ADAM-12 is highly expressed, the repressor protein (Z-DNA-binding protein) is inactive.
Slilaty's other career accomplishments include elucidation of the molecular mechanism for cleavage of LexA, the repressor protein of the E.
While investigating why a defective TOPLESS gene messes with a plant's basic architecture, Long and his team discovered functional TOPLESS codes for a repressor protein that inactivates genes that otherwise would cause root development in the shoot area of the plant.