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Synonyms for repression

Synonyms for repression

sudden punitive action

Words related to repression

a state of forcible subjugation

(psychiatry) the classical defense mechanism that protects you from impulses or ideas that would cause anxiety by preventing them from becoming conscious

the act of repressing

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R] > 0 are marginal products of loyalty and repression as factor inputs which are positive, meaning the use of additional units of these factors will have a positive impact on political power production.
s] represents supply of loyalty, Lp is price of loyalty, R represents repression, and PE represents Economic Performance.
Iso-power, derived from iso, meaning "equal" and power meaning "political power," denotes a curve that represents all the different combinations of inputs; in this case, repression and loyalty, when combined, produce a specified political power.
The autocratic Supreme Religious Leader as the representative of the Allah's sovereignty on the earth uses repression and loyalty instruments to maximize political power over the population.
As long as the regime is supported by the masses, the despotic leader can maintain his political power and control with more repression of the opposition and non-supporters.
Theoretically, there is a conflict between maximizing the political power of the regime with total political repression and ignoring the loyalty factor.
In Part I, "Subverting the Organization of Labor," which like the other sections proceeds chronologically, the campaign against the Industrial Workers of the World leads off, followed by the repression of African American sharecroppers, the pre-WWII red scare against teamsters, the postwar Cold War orthodoxy and loyalty tests to put down auto workers and teachers, the purge of international unions, the muzzling of rank-and-file labor leaders in Pittsburgh, and the onslaught against the meatpackers' strike in Minnesota.
The church has not paid enough attention, on the personal level, to the tenacious role of the unconscious, and, on the societal level, to the displacement of these psychic forces by repression and projection onto whatever humans our "in-group" excludes.