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repair the joints of bricks

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KEITH Tarrant wrote to Sir Alan in January, 2003, regarding Patio Mate, his special tool for repointing patio slabs.
Repairing eroding and cracked mortar joints is called pointing, repointing or tuckpointing.
Work has also been undertaken on external modernisation, including repointing and the installation of new windows and rainwater gutters and pipes.
The restoration of Wellington Arch, including the cleaning, restoration and repointing of the Portland stone elevations, was carried out by Stonewest.
In order to facilitate the transfer of traffic onto the IS-707 and to overcome in-country infrastructure obstacles, it was necessary for Intelsat to re-engineer Mattel's existing network by upgrading all modems, repointing existing antennas and modernizing other network components.
The works will include; Painting and decorating, floor covering replacements, joinery repairs, external works (resurfacing, brickwork repairs and repointing and rendering), asbestos removal (named specialist), electrical works, roof repair works.
We have also replaced stone copings, re-built foundations; replaced bricks and stone; installed reinforcement; inserted ties, and carried out repointing and consolidation work where cement mortars had been removed.
Most Victorian or earlier buildings were built with lime mortar, although many builders since the 1920s used cement in repointing mixes because it is much cheaper - and that generally causes accelerated decay and damp problems.
Trevor Blades, who is coordinating the church's Way Forward project, which includes building schedules, said much work had been carried out on the wall facing the county council car park, including repointing.
Brownhill Hayward Brown was able to keep the majority of the original shell as well as cleaning and repointing the stonework to ensure St Barnabas' was still recognisable as the old building.
Permission is also sought for additional repointing and brickwork replacement as identified during the work.
He said: "Although it's in reasonable condition itself, the railings are in a bad way and it needs repointing.
The exterior restoration includes masonry repointing, chimney repointing, rebuilding the wall in the bell tower, rebuilding the buttress, resetting the granite steps and roof slate replacement.
The Upperthong, Brockholes, and Holme Valley war memorials will receive vital maintenance including, the repair or replacement of cracked sections and the repointing of joints.